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Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing is a major technology trend that is transforming the way organizations deploy hardware. Moving workloads to the cloud involves taking servers that would have gone into local server closets and deploying them in a centralized datacenter where density and energy performance are key.

XenMin has a wide range of Cloud Computing server platforms that feature outstanding compute, storage, and memory density along with industry leading energy efficiency.

Target Applications:

    Big Data Analytics
    Streaming Data Processing
    Data Enrichment
    Trigger Event Detection
    Complex Session Analysis
    In-Memory Databases
    Interactive Analysis
    Data Visualization

Storage Solutions

Data storage is an enormous problem for organizations spanning many different markets. Video surveillance and high definition video distribution are a few examples of workloads that deal with mountains of data. XenMin offers a full line of storage servers capable of storing massive amounts of data, from 1U servers with 12 3.5" HDD bays designed for Hadoop workloads to enormous 4U servers capable of storing more than a petabyte; XenMin has a range of storage servers that can meet the needs of any storage application.

Target Applications:

    Software Defined Storage
    High Speed Data Streaming
    Distributed Database Applications
    Content Distribution
    Enterprise Workloads
    Object Storage

HPC Solutions

XenMin offers multiple High Performance Computing (HPC) server platforms that support the latest AMD and Intel processors. They are designed for high performance in massively parallel computing environments which meet users’ complex workloads requirements while accelerating general computing capability. Ranging from mainstream workloads to the most challenging computing applications, TYAN offers various platforms that support our customers need to build scalable, efficient, flexible, and easily managed datacenters as well as other complicated high performance computing infrastructure.

Target Applications:

    Bio-Informatics, Life Sciences and Computational Chemistry
    Electronic-Design Automation
    Computational Finance and Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Computer Vision and MATLAB Acceleration
    Data mining, Analytics and Databases
    Imaging, Molecular Dynamics, Weather, Climate Modeling and Atmospheric
    Oil, Gas and Petroleum Exploration
    Physic and Scientific Research

GPU Computing Platforms

XenMin offers a wide range of GPU (graphics processing unit) computing platforms that are designed for High Performance Computing (HPC) and massive parallel computing environments. XenMin’s GPU platforms range from 1 GPU up to 8 GPUs inside traditional 1U, 2U and 4U rackmount chassis, which help reduce the rack space requirements, required for high performance applications. With the right workload, these platforms can offer higher performance and reduce power consumption when compared to traditional CPU centric platforms.

Support for NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Accelerators:
XenMin and NVIDIA have joined together to deliver a GPU computing platform that provides double-precision performance that is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. With support for NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, XenMin’s GPU Computing platforms offer massively parallel compute power to solve the most computationally-intensive challenges.

Target applications for XenMin GPU platforms:

    High Performance GPU frameworks
    Oil & Gas Discovery
    Particle Physics
    Genetic Sequencing
    Cryptocurrency Mining
    Large Scale Facial Recognition
    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence