Physical CrossConnect

Cross Connects

Cross Connects allows you to easily make direct connections between two different termination locations within our data center. It eliminates the need for local fiber loops or trenching expensive dark fiber. Cross Connects provides access to a dynamic ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customer networks without long lead times.

Interconnect rooms

Each of our locations maintains at least one interconnect room where carriers have established a point-of-presence to provide you with various connectivity services. Additionally, each data center has multiple meet-me rooms to allow carriers to provide redundant and diverse offerings. Diversity and redundancy are supported within all our facilities through multiple paths to each data room.

Benefits of Cross Connects:

  • Quick installation by qualified on-site engineers;
  • The best service-level agreements for installation timelines;
  • Easy to order through our customer portal;
  • Access to hundreds of networks for a fixed monthly price.

Key Features

Carrier Flexibility
Includes minimum of two diverse Meet-Me-Rooms (MMRs)
Deployment Agility
Supports multiple circuit based services, speeds, cable and crossConnect types
Faster Deployment
Reduces delivery times (five business days for Copper and seven business days for Fiber)
Easily Accessible
Available for Smart office
Dedicated Route
Connect your critical applications with new partners, networks and carriers giving you diversity and low latency
24/7 Customer Care
Leverage experienced technicians 24/7 to manage your critical infrastructure