IPTV Server XenMin Edition

is the ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector. Our solutions fully support upgrades and new installations. The Server cabinet is designed with up to 16 input modules and 6 Quad output modules; it is extremely compact and can therefore be easily installed on a wall or in a 19 “rack. Whether it is related to the installation, maintenance or repair, all inputs, outputs and cables can be easily installed and operated from the front of the cabinet. Up to three Server Headends can be combined as one system of input and output signals, as such up to 72 PAL, COFDM or QAM channels are possible (or 480 IP services). The new HTML5 user interface guarantees easy installation, remote control and system monitoring via SNMP. Server integration for secure HD-service distribution is supported and can be easily handled with the Simulcrypt interface. With the PID-management the Server supports services changes without any retuning of TV’s.

Digital TV Server XenMin ‘s Edition

DVB-T2 module. COFDM demodulator Input frequency:177, 5 – 226,5 / 474-862. Demodulator/Mode: 16QAM, 64QAM / 2k and 8k.

HD In-Room-Entertainment

Hotel TV |TV is the modern system solution for efficient control and administration of SmartTVs. The IPTV Server headend is at the core of our hotel solution. Supporting the latest technologies and industry standards, the Server is your ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector.

The widget pool

Provide your guests with an individual selection of widgets.  Services from various suppliers can be freely selected and customized.

XenMin solution|TV is simple to handle and to install, as it manages without a set-top box and runs with the existing technology of SmartTVs. Your guests can access further services, find out informations or simply be entertained.

Caused of the boom in technology in the recent years, most guests have their own mobile devices that they want to easy integrate in the technical infrastructure of modern hotels. Guests use apps, want to watch films on tablets and obviously need a fast Wi-Fi. Satisfying your guests and also generating income requires modern solutions. By means of in-house marketing, you can advertise events, restaurant offers or other special hotel services by using digital channels. In addition, the administration in the hotel industry can be simplified with modern IT solutions. Infrastructure as a service offers full data security through backups in several computer centres, which are subject to the most stringent data-protection regulations.

Offer your guests advanced interactive services and increase at once your service level.


  • Guestwallet
  • Hotelinfo
  • Journal
  • VOD
  • Transport
  • Feedback
  • Weather
  • LON/ EIB / KNX integration for “room control”

comfortable | easy | efficient

The administration is browser-based. So no additional software is required and all services can be managed centrally.

  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Review of existing services
  • Overview of all orders and invoices
  • Ordering of new services
  • Multi-tenant administration page
  • SSL-encrypted

VOD Server 3.0

The optimal platform for multimedia entertainment.

  • Due to its performance – and resource-optimized structure, the VOD Server 3.0 is the ideal platform for multimedia entertainment. Based on industry components and designed for continuous 24/7 operation, this was designed for use in hotels, hospitals and by OTT service providers.
  • Besides the RTSP playback, it supports modern OTT needs to play off with dynamic bandwidth for iPhones or iPad`s. Furthermore, multiple devices can be combined with clustering methods for large installations.