Our Managed Linux Services and Support

OS Installation

  1. RHEL 7, CentOS 7 and Fedora
  2. Debain, Ubuntu and Linux Mint
  3. OpenSuse or Arch Linux

Web Server

  1. Installation of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  2. Installation of LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP)
  3. Installation of LLMP (Linux, Lighttd, MySQL and PHP)
  4. Setting Up Websites, Customization and Optimization
  5. Configuration of PHP and Apache Modules like CGI, Perl, PHP, etc.
  6. Creating SSL Certificates for Apache/Nginx/Lighttpd
  7. Tomcat Installation and Integration with Apache
  8. Web Server Performance Tuning and Security Enhancement

Database Server

  1. Installation and Configuration of MySQL/MariaDB Database
  2. Importing/Exporting of Databases
  3. Migration of Databases
  4. Replication of Databases
  5. Automatic Backups of Databases
  6. Performance Tuning and Security Enhancement of Database

Mail Server – Postfix, Exim, Qmail and Sendmail

  1. Installation and Configuration of Mail Server
  2. Setting Up MX, SPF, DPKG Records for Domain
  3. Installation of Web mail Applications like Squirrelmail or Roundcube
  4. Installation and Configuration of Spam and Antivirus Tools
  5. Integration of Web Based Tool Manage mail Users
  6. Mail Integration with MySQL/MariaDB engine
  7. Testing incoming and outgoing Mails

DNS Server

  1. DNS Setup including Master/Slave
  2. Management of DNS Zones
  3. DNS Server Security

Linux Monitoring – Nagios

  1. Installation and configuration of Nagios Monitoring Server
  2. Adding Linux/Windows/Printers/Devices to Nagios Server
  3. Email Alert Notification Integration

Linux Security

  1. Disable/Remove unwanted services
  2. Firewall Integration
  3. OS / Packages / Kernel Patch updates
  4. System Auditing and Vulnerability Scanning

Other Linux Services

  1. Squid/Proxy Setup with ACL Support
  2. NFS Server/Client Setup
  3. FTP Setup with User Management
  4. Samba Integration
  5. Any custom requirements of Users

Migration from Windows to Linux

  1. Windows to Linux Server
  2. Novell Netware to Linux Server
  3. MS Exchange Server to Qmail/Postfix
  4. Send mail to Qmail/Postfix
  5. Windows Desktop to Linux Desktop
  6. Windows AD to Samba

Migration from Joomla to WordPress

If you’re looking to switch your current Joomla based website to WordPress, then you are at right place, we will migrate all your articles, pages, comments, categories, users and other useful data from your Joomla to WordPress site.

Hire Professional Administrator

DirectAdmin is a web panel for a simple administration of both virtual and dedicated servers. DirectAdmin is faster, safe and more powerful than any other CP. And we know how to customize and support it.

Let yourself enjoy the moment you’re in, the place you are, and the things you’re doing. Let yourself enjoy the life you have right now. Let us care of your Linux boxes. Delegate server management to skilled professionals who like what they do. Contact us today to get the best deal on Outsourced servers support.

After years of working through the most complex server challenges our team has gathered valuable experience and universal solutions, suitable for everyday tasks. We are here to lend you a helping hand and take care of your servers in order to let you have enough time to do more of what you love.

The Best Choice

Looking for somebody to care of your Linux servers? Need to transfer hosting users to a new server? Want to get system software upgraded and tweaked? We will be happy to assist you with any of these and even more tasks. Don’t waste hours and lose business due to downtime and recurring server issues, contact us today to hire a professional administrator and get your server more secure than ever.

Monthly and Hourly Server Management and DirectAdmin Support

We offer several types of packages of services, so you could select the best deal for you. Click the box or price for more details on common tasks for each service.

Hourly Support

Server support only when you need it. Get our system administrators to work on your server(s) on hourly bases.

$35 USD

Monthly Management

We take care of your Linux servers 24/7. Long-term contracts are available as well as month-to-month subscriptions.

starting at $55 USD / month

Flat-rate Tasks

Paying a fixed price for a task ensures you won’t have to worry about either going over budget or controlling time usage.

starting at $25 USD / task

Pay multiple servers or months in advance with a discount. Contact us today for more detailed proposal and to get:

  • server services tweaked for better performance and configured to be more secure
  • constant monitoring of server availability and running services
  • periodic updates of OS kernel with pre-installed software
  • basic anti-DoS, anti-SPAM, anti-BruteForce protection
  • and even more.

Additional support can be offered for: OpenVZ, XEN, KVM.