Our Specialization

Your Next Firewall Really Protects Your Network.

Features a complete high-end security platform

Easy User Interface
Stateful Firewall
Traffic Shaper
Two-Factor Authentication ( 2FA )
Captive Portal
Virtual Private Network
High Availability CARP
Filtering Caching Proxy
Inline Intrusion Prevention
Multi-WAN Load Balancing
High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer
Built-in Reporting & Analysis
Plugin Support
Community & Commercial Support
Online Searchable Documentation


The High Quality Designs

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Protect your business network and secure your connections using OpenVPN or IPsec. From the stateful inspection firewall to the inline intrusion detection & prevention system everything is included for free.Use the traffic shaper to enhance network performance and prioritise you voice over ip above other traffic. Backup your configuration to the cloud automatically, no need for manual backups anymore!

School Networks

Limit and share available bandwidth evenly amongst students and utilise the category based web filtering to filter unwanted traffic such as adult content and malicious websites. Its easy to setup as no additional plugins nor packages are required. Teach about security or use our development documentation to show how an Model Viewer Controller works. You and your students are invited to join the effort

Remote Offices & SOHO

Utilise the integrated site to site VPN (IPsec or SSL VPN / OpenVPN) to create a secure network connection to and from your remote offices. Enjoy the easy configuration and online searchable documentation with simple how-to type of articles to get you started, quickly.

Hotels & Campings

Hotels and campings usually utilise a captive portal to allow guests (paid) access to internet for a limited duration. Guests need to login using a voucher they can either buy or obtain for free at the reception. Firewall has a build-in captive portal with voucher support and can easily create them on the fly.