Privacy Policy

Collection of your Personal Information

We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (personal or corporate details) that allows us to contact you. Generally, this information is requested when you are submitting a contact form. The information collected may include Personal Details and/or Corporate Details.

Use of your Personal Information

We use your personal information for the sole purpose of communication. We shall not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent.

Use of Cookies

We do not store any personal information through the use of cookies on your personal computer.


We take all reasonable security measures to protect personal information from loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification or disclosure. As far as permissible under law, we accept no responsibility for the unauthorized access of personal information held by XenMin.com.

Enforcement of this Privacy Statement

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, you should contact XenMin.com by e-mail or postal mail.

Updating this Privacy Policy

We will occasionally update this privacy policy. We suggest that you return to the website on a regular basis and carefully read the information provided.


While XenMin.com has endeavored to ensure that all information provided on this website is accurate and up to date, we take no responsibility for any error or omission relating to this information. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any cost, loss or damage suffered by you through your use of this website or XenMin.com’s failure to provide access to the website or information updates.